The Reward from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.
2011 - 2012: The Reward. Bachelor movie at the Animation Workshop.

Making of Reel

Making of Reel (Direction) - team members work:

3.03 - Upper right storyboard is made together with Karen Bennetsen
3.37 - Color script made by paolo Giandoso
3.55 - Layout and BG by Karen Bennetsen and Esben
4.20 - 2 animation tests by Kenneth Ladekjer (run and beam)
6.00 - Music by Mathias Winum
6.27 - BG and comp. by Paolo Giandoso
6.41 - BG and comp. by Jonas Andreassen
6.46 - Bg by Tanja Hass Nielsen and comp by Paolo Giandoso
6.56 - T-shirt and Poster by Me and kenneth Ladekjer, color by Glen August

2011: Commercial project for the Animal's Welfare society in Denmark where our focus was the mink farming industry.

Internet Add: Leandesign. I did a little add for and architect company. It was supposed to be flashy movements with very little character animation. (