- I am a storyteller, director, animater, and a graphic novel artist who likes to create stories that are good, imaginative and experimenting. I want to push the 2d media and love to dig into fantasy universes that are original. I directed the bachelor movie The Reward with my co-director Kenneth Ladekjaer, and now we are developing the project further with our partner Bo Juhl in our company Sun Creature Studio.


phone:      22263783

Personal Blog:


2005 -2006: High school in Bellville, Texas . 

2006 - 2009: Roskilde Gymnasium  - Precollege in Denmark, primary classes was English, Spanish and Music.

2009 - 2013: The animation Workshop - bachelor in character animation.

4 x Summer Courses in Classical Drawing at Lundoe Island. 

Assignments and Work:

- Animation lead on the computer game BRANCH 2011 ( - The DADIU project

2010: Director on the commercial project Catwalk ( )  Comissionary movie for the Danish animal welfare society.

2010: Internet add commercial for the architecture company Lean Design. (

2011 - 2012: Director on the bachelor movie The Reward from the Animation workshop (

2010 - 2012: Animation teacher at Tjele after-school (Danish boarding school for 10th grade students)

2007 - 2009: pedagog in a youth club, where I worked as a Dungeon master in the game Dungeons and dragons. (storytelling)

2012 : Worked for Noerlum in Viborg. concepting and making animatic on the DREAM project.

2012 : Internship at Dandelooo, Paris, Preproduction.

2013: Co-owner and Co-funder at Sun Creature Studio. An animation studio consisting of Kenneth Ladekjer, Mikkel Mainz and Bo Juhl


Autodesk Maya (2011)
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere
adobe Aftereffects
Microsoft Word
Adobe Flash
Pen and paper


         - English
         - Danish
Secondary, lacking:
         - Spanish
         - French