søndag den 26. februar 2012


Showreel - Order of content:

00.00 - 00:28: Bachelor Project: The Reward; Directors: Me and Kenneth Ladekjaer.

00:31: Box lift assignment; second year at the Animation Workshop. Rig: Morphy 2010

00:38: Heavy Walk. Heavy is a character from Team Fortress 2 that is owned by Valve. 2012

00.41: Commercial Project: Danish
Animal's welfare society with focus on the Danish Mink farms. Director: Mikkel Mainz. 2011.

00.45: Pokemon animation battle. Co-Direction project with Kenneth Ladekjaer. Pokemon is owned by Nintendo. 2010 - still in Production.

00:55: Cow Run Cycle. Second year assignment with the rig Daisy.

00:58: Trailer Project. 2010

01:10: Bachelor Project; The Reward. Director: Mikkel Mainz And Kenneth Ladekjaer. 2011 - still in production.